Summer-Winter Duality (at IST Austria)

December 13, 2021

So this year’s first snow in Klosterneuburg (or Vienna) happened a couple of weeks ago.

I took a bunch of photos of IST in late September, and almost forgot their existence. I guess now I might have a clue.

Looking towards the paper ball, taken from the gate of the cafeteria.

Since the first day I got here, I’ve been curious about this thing, which looks like totally related to science. I’ve been asking people what it symbolizes. Haven’t got an answer – they just told me it’s art.

A stack of (frozen) chairs and the sunstone building in the background.

The name of the pink building in the background of the photo above used to be a popular lunch chat topic. Obviously, it was named “Flamingo”, which seems more favorable by people (in our group). And for some reason I don’t know the school decided to name all the new buildings after some rocks or jews. So now we have, Lab Building West, Lab Building East, Central Building, and… get ready for the consistency here…, Sunstone!

(There’s still a non-trivial number of people calling it “Lab 5”, which I think is pretty okay.)

The snake-like bench (also called ‘brain’ or ‘kidney’ by people) is yet another piece of art on campus. But whatever it is, I’ve heard it’s gonna be moved as some running kids hurt themselves on top of it.

Too bad.

Alright. That’s all the duality part.

I was a bit struggling (and funny) to replicate the exact perspective when I re-took the photo in the same place. I am 50% sure there’s something out there that can adjust the perspective of a photo to match another photo, even they’re captured at very different time, isn’t it? If you know please drop me a note. I will be really thankful. If not, a research problem seems popping up. 😏

A cup of ☕ by the lake?

A cotton field.

A warm-hearted warning sign.

Indeed, it’s quite slippery, and reminds me of…

At Centre d'histoire de Montréal, March 2021

I assume you would’t want to wind up like this (and even worse, getting documented into a museum).

Take care in the snowy winter.

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