About Me & This Website

Hi, I’m Desmond.

I enjoy colors, shapes and geometry, in both physical and virtual worlds (or their intersection).

I’ve taken thousands of photos in different places over the last few years (how lucky). But pressing the shutter seems a straightforward thing and there should be vast, uncharted territories beyond it. Therefore, I started from scratch building this website in the hope of getting things somewhat organized and exploring the seemingly unfinished process as unboundedly as possible.

I hope this is gonna be a place that you enjoy, and where I have minimal interruption, maximal freedom plus the privilege to get rid of anything I don’t like on social media.

My plan is to have it somewhat blog-like – there will be a bunch of articles with mostly photos and some text to help the stories unfold. There are still many todos. Tweaking the photos and website layout has always been a painful process. But it’s also a worthy cost, so I’d take my time.

This website is currently in a borderline okay form. I’m slowly working on it.

Academic Page: desmondlzy.me
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: desmondlzy

The website last updated at 2024-03-05 23:14:53