Mixing Flavors

July 26, 2023

Some dishes I made in the past year.

Some lemon and black tea and Hong Kong flavors

Some chicken and some bell pepper

Some chicken and tofu

Some veggies and numbing pepper oil

Some green pepper and fried eggs

Lots of chili and some chicken

Cantonese rice (with lots of personal riffs)

In Lausanne, many Chinese restaurants serve a rice dish confusingly called riz cantonais (Cantonese rice). Better not order that with high hope of getting rice steamed with slices of Cantonese sausage and veggies served in a clay pot. Most likely you end up with a plate of generic egg fried rice. It’s a bit sad. Maybe Lausanne is a sad city after all.

Lots of seafood with a good variety

Some salty eggs and cabbage

Some fried eggplants

Some steamed pork and one egg yolk

Very sad, the picture is out of focus (as is many to be added here).

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