Inside a Computer Graphics Lab

September 9, 2021

This set of pictures intends to demystify computer graphics research by displaying the ‘‘B-side’’ of the lab I’m working in – a lot more carefully crafted objects than large monitor screens.

Anyway, I will start with this view in my lab. It always pops into my sight when I get stuck and painfully look around. It’s also the inspiration of this article.

Or they might just bring in more confusion? 😏

A poster, paper models, a chessboard and a random book. The screen on the side seems to be the only thing that is black.

Let’s move closer to the two paper-bending models on the desk. And a bit of claimer: I didn’t make any of these models (as well as other ones in this article) – they are other PhD students’ work.

Two architecture-like structures built by paper stripes.

A corner of a desk, many LEGO pieces piling up

Many things built with LEGO pieces. This is the only photo taken at CUHK in this article

A 3D printed Stanford Bunny with many holes.

Three tiny teapots.

Things are about to deviate more from what a computer lab should be like…

Some 3D-printed sheets and a screwdriver.

A bird nest, paint brushes, and a syringe.

Drawing on the white board.

A nicely drawn teapot and nicely written (?) partial derivatives.

I will close this with a SIGGRAPH 2020 poster. For those not in this area, SIGGRAPH is generally deemed ‘’the most prestigious’’ research conference in the world of computer graphics. Most graphics researchers would be happy if their work is accepted by the technical paper program of SIGGRAPH.

However, technical papers are only a small part. There’s a bunch of events and activities in SIGGRAPH, focusing on various aspects of visual technologies. Instead of an annual academic conference for ivory-tower people, it’s more like a big show, not just for researchers, but for everyone who likes games, movies, animations, mixed reality, emerging technologies and…, just everyone.

A poster of SIGGRAPH 2020, which was held in Washington DC, United States. It shows five interest areas of SIGGRAPH.

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