Fast Forward, Year 2022

February 25, 2023

The idea of having this “fast forward” has been haunting me for a while.

“It’s approaching the end of the year, it will be nice to have something that summarizes 2022, workloads won’t be too much, mostly just picked one photos or two for each month, then write a few words about them.”, I thought.

After an unexpectedly surprising (in both good and bad ways) January and February (added in April 21: and March and April), I finally come back to this. Preparing for the fast forward is pretty cool. It kind of feels like playing those card games, you have an array of good cards but you can only play a few of them. How would you strategically make the choice?

Anyway, I will arrange 24 photos that carry special meanings here, in chronological order. Well I decide to go freeform in the end, so 16 photos 🙂. (The number is still subject to change by the way.)


2022/01/01. Uetliberg, Zurich, Switzerland

I traveled to Switzerland 🇨🇭 for the first time, and had my new year here. The new year celebration was to go up to a hill called Uetliberg next to the city of Zurich, watching the firework over the city from above. I had a few shots of the firework. I also had fresh memory of people around me exclaiming “Es ist groß” (it is large, in German), with the characteristic Swiss German ‘r’ sound. But what’s a bit more worth sharing might be this one – after the firework, the crowds flood to the train station waiting for the first train taking them down the hill back home.

2022/01/02. On the Glacier Express, Switzerland

Hardly can I anticipate that I would spend the new year of 2023 in the same country as well.

In the rest of my vacation, I traveled through the not-so-large country on the train. Warm and comfy trains plus breathtaking landscape – I can’t really ask for more.


2022/02/25. Vienna, Austria


2022/03/19. Danube Canal, Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a really chill and walkable city. Walking around the city was one of the best things I could remember doing in that stressful March.

People like have some beers (or some other alcohol) with friends on the side of the canal in the sunset. looks more like a cheerful ceremony than a nice weekend fun thing.

I like to have some McD at this kind of moment though. Drinking is for the night 😏.

April & May

2022/04/30. Paris, France

2022/05/01. Paris, France

Between April and May I went to France for the first time. The primary reason for the trip was to show off the best boomerang at Reims. The conference is fun, but more memorable is the bottles of good champagnes bought and the nice weekend in Paris.

Paris is a nice city I’d definitely love to visit again at some point, for the gelato and the good paintings all over the museums.

June & July

2022/06/25. Picasso Museum, Barcelona, Spain

2022/07/04. Olympic Tower, Munich, Germany

2022/07/30. Matera, Italy

Finally, it’s time for wrapping up… I was advised to use up my vacation balance before the end of my internship. That’s no problem of course :)


2022/08/25. Ouchy, Lausanne, Switzerland

Moved to Lausanne. Began my crazy interviews (yes, interviews) for find an apartment. But wait, why are these runners holding some unwieldy long sticks, dashing and making all the weird jumps at the lake side?


2022/09/02. Venice, Italy

Paid a pretty random visit to La Biennale in Venice, and had some pretty random fun. It was a very intense long weekend full of movies, arts and chilling with seagulls eating fish in the sunset. But if I have to pick, perhaps I will rate it as one of the most memorable trips I had. Simply hassle-free times. No stress, no worries, no any bad things.


2022/10/22. EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Well, I feel… being watched.


2022/11/05. On the train from Zurich to Vienna

2022/12/08. Bratislava Main Station, Slovakia

Yet another travel without plans. Friends said there is gonna be a cocktail party so I hopped onto the night train. 🥂


2022/12/27. Interlaken, Switzerland

2022/12/28. On Gornergrat Bahn, Zermatt, Switzerland

Wrapping up the year by another unforgettable trip in Switzerland, just like the one in January. And the two trips share lots of components, for example, both have Interlaken and Zermatt involved. Sounds a bit repetitive, but I really like it when the start and end meet, such a perfect loop.

Thanks for reading, and have a great 2023! Even though it’s probably already halfway in it, but I believe this is never too late.

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